Lake Mildred and Clear Lake have a history of their water levels rising and falling substantially, in cycles, over time.  These cycles had not been tracked or documented scientifically before, at least until Stan Strub of Clear began measuring them in 2013.   Now Stan and the Lake Mildred & Clear Lake Association, in concert with the DNR, plan to begin tracking these depth fluctuations precisely, beginning on May 22, 2022.

It will of course take years before this scientific cycle data becomes fully meaningful.  However, we are fortunate that we do have precise lake level data right now – thanks to Stan Strub (a Clear Lake resident).  Stan has been taking precise lake level measurements on Clear Lake since 2013.  This data leads to the 10-year lake level chart you see below.

The lake association plans to assemble photos and anecdotal evidence of lake level history, and share them here.  Please understand that this Lake Level History page is a work in progress, and should grow over time.   Anyone who has old photos, data or anecdotes relating to water level fluctuations, please contact us so that we can add to this history .

DNR Established Lake Level History Beginning 5/22/2022
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AUGUST 2016     NOTE: Only 1 year later the lake rose enough to cover this same dock by over a foot of water!

APRIL 2011