Lake Level Falls 6 Inches Since May
July 31
The Lake Mildred water level gauge was installed by the DNR on May 22 - just 10 weeks ago. Since that time, the lake level has fallen exactly 6 inches. And, the lake is now down about 1.5 FEET since May 2020, the recent high point. It appears that the water level is clearly trending down. But remember, the lake is still about half a foot ABOVE what we once considered the OHWM (Ordinary High Water Mark).

Juveniles Everywhere
July 13
The young hatchlings have been appearing all over. First it was the young goslings and duck chicks. Lately we're seeing the young of many different songbirds and woodpeckers. And it's not just birds: look closely and you'll sometimes see clouds of young fish fry and other very young fish.
Another Terrific Flotilla!
July 3
The Annual Independence Day Flotilla/Boat Parade was a huge success, with over 25 boats joining the parade.  After the parade we were treated to some great country music by Mick Howen and his band (see the photo at center of webpage), which we enjoyed from our boats just offshore.

Lake Level Still Higher than Normal
June 26
The lake level is still far above its historical high water mark, which makes the ‘virgin’ shoreline (and docks and spawning beds and fish habitat) very vulnerable to damage from large boat wakes. 

Happy Summer Solstice!
June 21
The Summer Solstice -the longest day of the year- has always been dear to our hearts here in the North.  Perhaps just a coincidence that today could also be one of the hottest days as well, at 90+ degrees.  A good rain shower should be coming soon, to wash to pine pollen away.

Bird Feeder Traffic is Slowing 
June 16
The traffic at the bird feeders here has slowed considerably lately, likely because of the emerging natural foods like bugs, etc.  But also the birds are busy with nesting activity, and soon we should start to see the chicks & juveniles.

Great Turnout at the Annual Meeting 
May 29
We had a near-record turnout at the Annual Spring Membership Meeting of Lake Mildred & Clear Lake Association on May 28 at the Pines Event Center.  Lots of great info was had, including our guest DNR fisheries presentation.

The Air Force is Coming
May 27
For all of you aggrieved by mosquitoes, take heart – we just found our first dragonfly, newly hatched.   Hopefully that’s just the first of many more of these mosquito-eating ‘machines’.

Hungry Hungry Bears
May 18
There have been many many reports of bears invading local yards and looking for food – especially bird feeders or garbage.  And some are not easily intimidated.  Be cautious for the presence of cubs – while cute, their very protective mother is nearby.

Improving Fish Habitat on Lake Mildred and Clear Lake
May 7
Paul Evans wrote a great essay about the many factors involved in improving fish habitat here.  As Paul says: it’s more complicated than you’d think.  Check out this essay HERE.

Loons are ‘Famous’
May 5
Still cracks us up to be watching a Hollywood movie and hear the lonesome soulful sound of a loon’s wail – in a desert!  Or on a mountain!  Like us, Hollywood loves the loon’s wail – but sometimes uses it in the wrong places.  That’s Hollywood! 

Lake Surface Temp = 77 degrees

Citizens Lake Monitoring Report 7/26/22
> Water Clarity (Secchi Disc) = 19.0 feet
> Water Temp at 12 feet = 73.7 degrees
      – Water Temp at 20 feet = 61.5 degrees
     – Water Temp at 40 feet = 45.3 degree

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Lake Mildred
7:11 am, August 13, 2022
Wind: 8 mph
Pressure: 1018 mb
Visibility: 2.816 km
Sunrise: 5:55 am
Sunset: 8:10 pm
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Mick Howen & His Band Play at Flotilla 2022  – As the band plays from shore, boats and swimmers enjoy the music from the water – at the conclusion of the boat parade.

Wondering About Ice-Out or Ice-Up Dates?

Wondering when the lake ice will go out?  Looking at the history of when Ice-outs and Ice-ups occur can shed light on what to expect this year.  And you can see our Ice-Out/Ice-Up history chart going back to 1977 at the Lake Info page.                             

“A lake is the landscape’s most beautiful and expressive feature. It is Earth’s eye; looking into which the beholder measures the depth of his own nature.”      – Walden, Henry David Thoreau

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