Hungry Hungry Bears
May 18
There have been many many reports of bears invading local yards and looking for food – especially bird feeders or garbage.  And some are not easily intimidated!  And be cautious for the presence of cubs – while cute, their very protective mother is nearby!

Unusual Warm Spell 
May 12 – 3:00 PM
Suddenly hot & humid weather at 88 degrees this aft, briefly warmed lake surface to 66 degrees.  Below the surface the lake is still cold, and small fish have not yet returned to the shallows.

Next Up: Orioles Return
May 11 – 7 AM
A beautiful bright orange male oriole made his first appearance here this morning, drawn to the orange oriole nectar feeder.  These feeders are much like hummingbird feeders except for the orange color; dual purpose, the hummers also like them.

Loons Perform Mating Ritual
May 10 – 7 PM
Our loon pair was cooing and apparently mating on the shores of Bearpaw Island this evening.  Altho they rarely attempt to nest there, Bearpaw seems to be one of their favored spots for mating.

Hummers Return on Time Again, followed by Rose Breasted Grosbeaks
May 10 – 6:30 AM
Hummingbirds normally return to the Rhinelander area on May 10, and this morning while having coffee on the deck, our first hummer of the year came to the feeder.  Right on Time!  UPDATE: an hour later, our first rose breasted grosbeak appeared at the sunflower seed feeder.

Improving Fish Habitat on Lake Mildred and Clear Lake
May 7
Paul Evans wrote a great essay about the many factors involved in improving fish habitat here.  As Paul says: it’s more complicated than you’d think.  Check out this great essay HERE.

Loons are ‘Famous’!
May 5
Still cracks us up to be watching a Hollywood movie and hear the lonesome soulful sound of a loon’s wail – in a desert!  Or on a mountain!  Like us, Hollywood loves the loon’s wail – but uses it in the wrong places.  But that’s Hollywood. 

The Lake is Quickly Warming
May 4
A mainly sunny and warm (60+ degrees) day caused the lake surface temp jumped almost 8 degrees.   Yes!

Open Water!  The Ice is Out!
Friday April 29  5 PM

The Loons Return!
April 27
Always welcome and a sure sign of Spring, the sight and call of the loons made their appearance today on Lake Mildred and Clear and Maud Lakes.   This, despite the fact that Lake Mildred is still 95% covered in ice……..  > Later that night: it is wonderful to hear the mournful and timeless call of the loons all night – which leads to deep sleep and serves as a reminder why we love it here. 

Bird Migrations
April 26
The mix of birds keeps changing during migration time: redpoll numbers are way down, but red-wing blackbirds (and their lovely songs) are back in large numbers, together with juncos, chipping sparrows, goldfinches, nuthatches, chickadees, various ducks and mergansers, Canada geese, and many more.

Bears Now Out of Hibernation
April 21
A black bear showed up at Taege’s & Ebben’s homes yesterday, clearly looking for food – and checking out the bird feeders.  No doubt he’s hungry after a 5 month fast.


Current Lake Temp = 64 degrees

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Wondering About Ice-Out or Ice-Up Dates?

Wondering when the lake ice will go out?  Looking at the history of when Ice-outs and Ice-ups occur can shed light on what to expect this year.  And you can see our Ice-Out/Ice-Up history chart going back to 1977 at the Lake Info page.                             

“A lake is the landscape’s most beautiful and expressive feature. It is Earth’s eye; looking into which the beholder measures the depth of his own nature.”      – Walden, Henry David Thoreau

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May 5      The Spring 2022 Lake Association newsletter just arrived, and is available both HERE and on the Records page.  The printed version will be mailed to all members as soon as it arrives from the printer.

  • Annual Spring Membership Meeting
    • May 28  –  9 am – Pines Event Center, Forest Lane
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Where Did Paul Bunyan Originate?
This article explores that question AND describes how the author concluded that the Paul Bunyan tale originated near Tomahawk, Wisconsin. Even Rhinelander's own Gene Shepherd was involved!