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September 17
The surface lake temperature continues a slow decline.   On September 17 the bluegills we had near the dock are gone, having vacated the shallows for deeper water.
ALSO falling was the lake level, which has now fallen over 12 inches since May.  Interestingly, the lake fell almost the same amount last year. 
Great Turnout at Sept. 3 Association Meeting
September 4
Once again we had a great turnout at the annual Fall Association meeting on September 3.  It was a lively meeting with a lot of discussion by the member.
Half-Log Fish Nesting Structures Installed
August 18
On August 16, four half-log fish nesting structures were installed with the help of association volunteers and a Minocqua Dock & Lift barge.  Full story and photos can be seen HERE or at the Lake Info page.

Smoky Days
July 30
The Canadian wildfires have been smoking out large parts of the country, including the Wisconsin Northwoods.   It’s unsettling to see the haze hanging over the lake, looking almost like fog on an otherwise beautiful day. 

Annual Flotilla Sets new Record
The annual lake association Flotilla was held on Saturday July 1.   There was a record number of 32 boats participating!   Following the parade, Mick Howen and his band Stone Cold Country played from shore while boats anchored all around and enjoyed hot country music and warm sunshine.    

Citizens Lake Monitoring Report
June 27
As noted in the middle of this page, Lake Mildred’s water clarity was just measured with a Secchi Disc at 21 feet!  Lake temperatures at various depths are also noted there.

Yellow-Billed Cuckoo
June 2
Heard a strange bird call yesterday so we started the “Merlin” bird app on our phone.  Using Merlin’s “sound ID” while the bird was calling, Merlin identified the bird as a Yellow-Billed Cuckoo, which sounded much like a cuckoo clock!    A large bird high in the trees, we never saw it but definitely heard it!  A picture of a yellow-billed cuckoo is on the center of this web-page. 

For the latest news about Loon Mortality from Boat Wakes, Wakeboat Concerns, “Forever Chemicals”, Road Salt, Walleyes, and more, see the OCLRA NEWS story on our “News” page.

Improving Fish Habitat on Lake Mildred and Clear Lake
Paul Evans wrote a great essay about the many factors involved in improving fish habitat here.  As Paul says: it’s more complicated than you’d think.  Check out his essay HERE.

WAKESURFING – Another way to destroy pristine lakes like Lake Mildred.    Large wakes scour the lake bottom, stir up sediment & small plants, cause shoreline erosion & property damage – the list goes on.  To learn more, see

WAKE BOAT ISSUES – STORY BY MILWAUKEE JOURNAL-SENTINEL –   The issue of wake boats and other power boats that are too large for a given body of water is becoming more and more a matter of serious concern.  Damage to property and to wildlife as well as damage to the lake itself is serious stuff.


Lake Surface Temp 9/17/23 = 64 degrees

Citizens Lake Monitoring Report 7/25/23
> Water Clarity (Secchi Disc) = 21.0 feet (!)
> Water Temp at 6 feet = 72.6 degrees
                          –  at 20 feet = 57.3 degrees
                         –  at 40 feet = 43.5 degrees

Lake Level Page with lake level history
charts, photos & info or see Lake Info page
Lake Mildred
8:06 pm, September 21, 2023
clear sky
Wind: 0 mph
Pressure: 1023 mb
Visibility: 10 km
Sunrise: 6:43 am
Sunset: 6:58 pm


Repairs were recently made to the public boat landing concrete ramp after it got damaged by someone power loading their large boat onto the trailer.  This new sign was also installed to alert boat landing users NOT to load their boat onto their trailer using the boats motor.   Power loading a boat can damage a landing!

“A lake is the landscape’s most beautiful and expressive feature. It is Earth’s eye; looking into which the beholder measures the depth of his own nature.”      – Walden, Henry David Thoreau

Learn About Loons at

SPRING 2023 NEWSLETTER NOW AVAILABLE!    The Spring 2023 newsletter hasn’t even gone to the printer yet, but you can see it online HERE, or at the Records page.

NEED SOME LOCAL HELP? -                        Jackson Labs is looking to provide lawn care services to those who are interested. For pricing and availability, please call or text him at (715)622-1979. References are available upon request.
Will Taege installs and removes docks, lifts, boats and pontoons in the Lake Mildred and surrounding area.  A limited amount of boat storage is available, as well as boat shrink wrapping. Call or text Will at 715-490-1068 or email

OCLRA (Oneida County Lakes & Rivers Association) has a excellent website (www.OCLRA.ORG) to keep you informed about news and events that affect the lakes and rivers of Oneida County.

"Lake Mildred - The History of OUR Great Lake"  a Book by Germaine Jonesi and Connie Muckelberg is now available at the History Page.  Nearly 200 pages with photos and articles, it is a fascinating look at OUR history.  And it's FREE online!

Protect Your Waterfront InvestmentView this free PDF about protecting your waterfront investment, presented by UW Extension and the Wisconsin DNR.

  • Annual Spring Membership Meeting
    • Saturday, May 27, 2023  –  9 am
    • Pines Event Center, 5840 Forest Lane
  • Annual Flotilla
    • Saturday July 1, 2023 – 3 pm
    • Boats Gather For Boat Parade at Boat Landing
  • Annual Fall Membership Meeting
    • Sunday (Yes Sunday!), Sept 3, 2023  –  9 am
    • Pines Event Center, 5840 Forest Lane

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For a variety of lake maps, lake history, Ice-Out & Ice-Up history – and other information about Clear and Mildred Lakes- see the Lake Info page.
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