2014 Sightings On & Around Lake Mildred

  MAY 8 - THE ICE IS COMPLETELY GONE, water temp is rising and the weather is warming.  Big sigh of relief!

  MAY 2 - THE LOONS ARE BACK!  Pretty sure they're "ours" - no positive ID yet but we've seen one orange leg band, and Connie Muckelberg says the loons have been here since April 28.  Mostly just hanging around Pine Island, the site of last year's successful nest!
   AND Brad Morgan reports that FOXES are back on the North side of the lake with a cute litter of kits, and Dave Ebben saw 5 bear together just north of Lake Mildred - so watch those bird feeders!

   APRIL 25 - FOXES & GEESE!  Some beautiful red foxes have been spotting roaming the area for food lately, and the geese are migrating north.  The foxes have a den built next to shore, and the litter of little fox kits is adorable!

- Much like the local bears, critters and Lake Mildred itself, we too are coming out of hibernation!
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