Sailing & Kayaking
Kayaking here is about as informal as it can be.
No dues.  No memberships.
No officers.  No meetings.
Only a kayak is required.
(And even that requirement
is under discussion)
Perhaps we need an official Lake Mildred kayak instructor.
2006 Sailing Events
The Second Annual Independence Day Regatta
was held on July 9, 2006, featuring many boats (3) and countless (we didn't try counting) spectators.  Food an drinks must have been served somewhere.
The racing was almost as hot as the weather.  But once again, Cap'n Mark Stokstad crossed the finish line first, and took home the huge figurative trophy.
Below are a few pictures of the racing action.
At last - they're all going in the same direction.
Here, Cap'n Mark and Cap'n Dave employ the ancient sailing race technique known as "ram the opponent".
And they're off to a flying start!
Last season (2005)....The sailing club held it's first annual meeting following the annual meeting of the LMPOA on 5/28 and elected Mark Stokstad as Captain and Dave Ebben as co-captain.  There being no other members of the sailing club, Stokstad and Ebben declared themselves to hold such positions forever, at least.
Should be some regattas on Lake Mildred this year!  Last year, the Lake Mildred Sailing Club held the First Annual Lake Mildred Independence Day Regatta on July 3, 2005.  Although attendence was slim, Mark Stokstad and Dave Ebben said it was still a lot of fun.  Although there were only Mark's colorful butterfly and Dave's green and white sunfish, there was still a race, of sorts.  Showing the skill that comes with many many many years of sailing, Stokstad soundly beat Ebben.  A rematch will occur soon, to be sure.  Here are a few pictures.....
...while Cap'n Dave relaxes by fishing jumbo perch in Lake Mildred.
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