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       Lake Mildred & Clear Lake Property Owners Association
Membership Meeting Minutes September 4, 2021 Zoom

Present: Kathy & Gary Gall, Sandy  & Dave Ebben,  Jim Wheaton, Paul Evans, Trish Howen,  Steph Fischer Parise, Mary Fortier,  Jennifer Labs,  Trina Ford, Sue Tessendorf, Richard Nelson, John Mladucky, Jake VandeHey, Susan Adams, Stan Strub, Linda & Dave Kelly, Connie Muckelberg, Brian & Heidi Spoerl, Marla Shaefer

Meeting called to order by  Paul Evans at 9:00 AM.

DIRECTORS: Director terms have been extended because there have been no live meetings this year and the association was unable to vote.  Stan Strub from Clear Lake is stepping down and John Mladucky will complete his term.  Stan will continue to monitor the Lake Mildred Boat Landing.

GERMAINE JONESI, the lake historian passed away this year. The Association donated in tree in her name.

TREASURE REPORT. Jim Wheaton reported that there are 77 members this year, $1925 in dues were collected and donations of $1280 for Clean Boats/Clean Water and $1665 for fish stocking.  The association also received a $1182 grant from the DNR for Clean Boats/Clean Water. The total collected so far this year is $6852.50.  All expenses are not in yet. Jim will provide a financial statement at the end of the year

FISH STOCKING. Paul Evans reported the association will do another stocking this fall.
We will get 1150 walleye fry, which is an increase of 200 because Clear Lake is now being included in the stocking. All the fry will be put in at the Lake Mildred Boat Landing.

CLEAN BOATS/CLEAN WATER.  Jennifer Labs has 2 boat inspectors this year: Jackson Labs and Kyle Brown. So far Kyle has worked 185 hours.  The DNR grant requires that the association do a  minimum of 200 hours in boat inspections in order to qualify for the grant.

WATER LEVEL MONITORING: Sandy Ebben is gathering information on a water level monitoring project for the lake. There is a grant available for the initial cost, and the lake association will be responsible for future costs which could be around $400 a year.

KIDS DON'T FLOAT: The life jacket kiosk at the boat landing can stay there all year as long as it does not interfer with snow plowing.  Jennifer Labs has been monitoring the kiosk and found that people have been dropping off life jackets.  The DNR only wants their life jackets used, so she is removing and donating the extra jackets.

GRANTS: Jennifer Labs is working on recertifying the lake association so we can continue to qualify for surface water grants from the DNR.

MEETINGS.  Next membership meetings will be 5/28/22 at 9:00 AM at the Newbold Town Hall and September 3, 2022 at 9 AM at the Newbold Town Hall. The flotilla will be 7/2/22 at 3:00 PM starting at the boat landing

You can read see past meeting minutes
at the LMPOA Minutes/Meetings page.

Lake Mildred Clear Lake Property Owners Association

Membership Meeting Minutes  August 31, 2019

Present: Kathy & Gary Gall, Sandy Ebben, Jim Wheaton, Mick Howen, Paul Evans, Jennifer Labs, Stephanie Fischer Parise, Mark & Jan Jacobs, Michael Anderson, Ellie Taege, John Fischer, Linda & Dave Kelly, Jack & Diane Van Heesch, Linda & Phil Pipping, Bobbi & Ron Pipping, Phil & Bill Gresen, Trina & John Ford, Richard Nelson, Phil Gannon, Bob & Wendy Zimny, Dick Englert

Meeting called to order by President Mick Howen at 9:00 AM.

Guest Speaker
: Patrick Goggin from UW Lakes Partnership talked about how to protect the lake and shoreline. More information can be found at HealthyLakes

. Mick reported that the pier was put in by the DNR and should be in again next year as long as the water level does not change much

Jim Wheaton reported that there are currently 69 members. There have been $2565 in contributions to the walleye stocking and $1655 to the Clean Boats/ Clean Water Project. The treasures report is attached

. Paul Evans reported that the 4th walleye stocking will take place in mid October. 950 6"-8" walleye fry will be added to the lake at the boat landing. Paul checked with the DNR fishery biologist and was told the muskie do not have much impact on the walleye fry because they prefer suckers.

Jennifer Labs reported that the 2 interns that do boat inspections are on track to put in 200 hours this season as required by the DNR grant that the association received. The number of boats inspected was about the same as last year and increased once the pier was installed at the landing. The life jackets in the Kids Don't Float kiosk are being used.

The loons did not produce a chick this year. Trina Ford said they had an egg on their nest, but it washed off

Sandy Ebben and Sue Adams were elected to the board of directors for 3 year terms

Association Meeting: Saturday, May 23, 2020 9 AM Newbold Town Hall Flotilla: Saturday, July 4, 2020 3 PM Assocation Meeting: Saturday, September 5, 2020 9 AM Newbold Town Hall

Motion to Adjourn
Lake Mildred Clear Lake Property Owners Association

Membership Meeting Minutes  May 25, 2019

Present: Connie Muckelberg, Kathy & Gary Gall, Sandy & Dave Ebben,  Jim Wheaton, Trish & Mick Howen, Paul Evans, Jennifer Labs, Stephanie Fischer Parise, Sue Tessendorf, Darlene Cole, Germaine Jonesi, Clyde & Liz Austin, Mark & Jan Jacobs, Stan & Teri Strub, Nancy Wilson, Michael Anderson, Bing Taege,Neal & Karen Smout, Rick & Shamaine Rustad, Lee Curtis, Kay Hasal, Dawn & Harlan Larson, Scott & Sue Adams, Norm Pipping, Ron Pipping, Phil Gresen, Bill & Rita Dobbins, John Fischer, Kathy McTigue, Marla & Paul Schaefer, Linda & Dave Kelly,

Meeting called to order by  President Mick Howen at 9:00 AM.

Stan Strub reported that the DNR should be able to get a  pier installed at the Lake Mildred boat landing by July 4th. There has not been a pier at the landing for 4 years because of the high water levels. The DNR has submitted a request for a more substantial pier, however there is a large group of lakes already on the list

Jim Wheaton submitted a financial report for 2019. The current balance in the account is $4096. This does not include any of the 2019 dues .  $450 of the $1800 grant for the Clean Boats Clean Water project has been received

. Paul Evans reported that the lake was stocked with 950 walleye fingerlings last fall. This was the 3rd stocking. Catch and Release is encouraged to protect the fishery.  Bing Taege suggested evaluating the success of the stocking and asking the DNR about stocking every other year instead of annually.  He also recommended a slot limit.

Jennife Labs submitted a grant application for the program and the association will received $1800.  The association will contribute $600 in matching funds.  The grant requires a commitment to spend 200 hours at the boat landing monitoring boats. Two interns will be working this year; Jackson Labs and Emma Germaine

Mick Howen acknowledged Connie Muckelberg for her years of work for the association. Connie resigned from the board this year

At the end of this year there will be 2 openings on the board. Sandy Ebben will run for another term and Sue Adams volunteered to also be on the ballot for the fall election.

Ted Rulsch, the author of "A Lakeside Companion" and a column called "The Lake Where You Live" was the guest speaker. Ted gave a presentation on lake types and their composition.

        Karen Smout is no longer able to be the loon ranger for the lake and asked that if someone is interested they contact Erica Lemoine, Loon Watch Coordinator at
or 715-682-1200


Boat Flotilla is July 6th at 3:00PM.  Following the flotilla Mick Howen will have a band playing on his lawn and  invited members to anchor in his bay to listen

Next Meeting
- August 31, 2019 at 9:00 AM at the Newbold Town Hall on Hwy 47

Motion to Adjoun
at 10:15 AM made by Jim Wheaton, seconded by Sue Tessendorf
Lake Mildred Clear Lake Property Owners Association
Membership Meeting Minutes
September 2, 2017

Present: Connie & Pete Muckelberg, Kathy & Gary Gall, Dave & Sandy Ebben,  Jim Wheaton, Trish & Mick Howen, Nancy & Paul Evans, Jennifer Labs, Sue Tessendorf, Germaine Jonesi, Clyde & Liz Austin, Trina & John Ford, Jim Harter , John & Steph Fischer, Mark & Mary Stokstad, Mary Fortier, Mark & Jan Jacobs, Mick & Trish Howen, Lisa Loberg, Phil Gresen, Stan & Teri Strub, Joanne Peterson, Kathy McTigue, Sue & Scott Adams, Bill & Gloria Gustafson, Cindy Kind Wargolet, Susan & Richard Nelson, Dave & Linda Kelly, Bill & Rita Dobbins, Mike McKenzie, Tim Ridowski,Bob Zimny

Meeting called to order by  President Paul Evans at 9:00 AM.

The lake association is celebrating its 15 year anniversary

Tim Radowski from the Newbold ATV Group talked about roads in Newbold being open to ATVs. There will be a meeting at the Newbold Town Hall on September 9, 2017 at 10:00 AM to get input from the public. The ordinance would open up some routes, not all roads on a test basis. Requirements for use of these routes would include:
1. Drivers would be required to take a DNR safety course
2. Newbold would require proof of insurance
3. ATVs would need to drive 10mph without 150 feet of homes
4. The routes selected  need to have a destination
5. ATV drivers must be at least 16 years old and have a valid driver's license
Mike McKenzie from the town board also answered questions

Stan Strub from Clear Lake gave a presentation on the history of Clear Lake and information on the lakes water levels and fishery

Paul Evans reported that the association collected the following so far this year:
$1875 dues
$1100 Clean Boats/Clean Water Project
$ 900 Lake Monitoring by Onterra
$1755 Fish stocking
$1900 from Mike Anderson for fish stocking

The cost of the projects are:
$1200 Clean Boats/Clean Water boat landing inspections
$1700 Onterra's lake monitering survey
$2200 fish stocking for Fall 2017

LAKE MANAGEMENT REVIEW STUDY  Connie Muckelberg reported that Onterra conducted a field survey of Lake Mildred and Clear Lake on June 30, 2017  and found no curly pondweed or Eurasian milfoil.

CHINESE MYSTERY SNAILS. Jan Jacobs found some Chinese Mystery Snails on their shoreline. The snails are not native to the lake and are consider invasives. They were first discovered in Lake Mildred in 2011. They carry a disease that affects water fowl, but not humans. If found in the lake they should be thrown out in the woods

Stan Strub spoke with one of the DNR biologists who recommends fish sticks and tree drops to increase the fishery. A fish stick is a number of trees bound together and dropped into the lake . Fish sticks require a permit.  Dropping a single tree into the lake does not require a permit

Mary Fortier reported that there are 8 life jackets and 4 cushions in the kiosk at the boat landing.  The kiosk was blown over a couple times and Pete Muckelberg put it back up

Paul Evans and Jim Wheaton were nominated to continue on the board at the last association meeting. Steph Fischer was nominated by Jennifer Labs and also added to the ballot. A vote was taken and Jim Wheaton and Steph Fischer received 18 votes each. Paul Evans received 16 votes

Another 950 walleye 8"-10" fry will be stocked in the lake this fall

Meeting adjourned at 10:10 AM

The Board of Directors met after the membership meeting and the following positions
were appointed:
 President: Mick Howen
 Vice President: Connie Muckelberg
 Treasurer: Jim Wheaton
 Secretary: Sandy Ebben
 Directors: Stan Strub, Jennifer Labs, Steph Fischer, Paul Evans
Lake Mildred Clear Lake Property Owners Association
Membership Meeting Minutes
May 27, 2017

Present: Connie & Pete Muckelberg, Kathy & Gary Gall, Dave & Sandy Ebben,  Jim Wheaton, Trish & Mick Howen, Paul & Nancy Evans, Jennifer Labs, Sue Tessendorf, Darlene Cole, Nancy Wilson, Germaine Jonesi, Clyde & Liz Austin, Trina & John Ford, , Neal Smout, Jim Harter , John & Steph Fischer, Mark & Mary Stokstad, Michael Anderson, Dave & Linda Kelly, Tom & Paula Smith, Mary Fortier, Mark & Jan Jacobs, Mick & Trish Howen, Eric Loberg, Phil Ganon, Stan & Teri Strub, Dick Englert, Margaret Johnson, Phil Gresen, Scott & Sue Adams, Paul & Marla Schaefer, Doug & Carmel Ackmann,

Meeting called to order by  President Paul Evans at 9:00 AM. Paul introduced the Board of Directors

Jim Winkler, the Newbold Supervisor on the Oneida County Board introduced himself.

Guest Speaker Paul Ehlers, Nicolet College Instructor of Geology and Geography, gave a presentation on the Hydrology and Geology of Northern Wisconin and Lake Mildred .

TREASURERS REPORT. Jim Wheaton reported that the fiscal year for the association ends June 30, 2017 and that there was $3600 in income and $5360 in expenses which included $1933 for fish stocking. As of today there have been 50 membership renewals. Financial statement is attached

LAKE MANAGEMENT REVIEW STUDY  Connie Muckelberg reported that Onterra will conduct the review study of both Lake Mildred and Clear Lake by the end of June.

UW-EXTENSION 2017 LAKES CONVENTION. Connie Muckelberg submitted a written report on the convention.

FISH STOCKING Paul Evans reported that 950 walleye fry were purchased from Silver Moon Springs and put into Lake Mildred last fall. The DNR permit allows stocking every other year.  Only half of the allowed stocking was done in fall 2016 so if there are available funds another 950 can be put stocked in the fall of 2017

LEGISLATIVE LOBBYING UPDATE  Paul Evans wrote letters to legislators and the DNR on pending legislation

ELECTIONSPaul Evans and Jim Wheaton's terms on the board expire this year.  Sandy Ebben made a motion to nominate both to be on the ballet for the fall election. Seconded by Gary Gall. Motion carried

Meeting adjourned at 10:10 AM

Lake Mildred Property Owners Association         
Board of Directors Meeting
January 10, 2013
Present: Connie Muckelberg, Sandy Ebben, Bob Hasal, Becky Corey, Mary Fortier
Absent: Paul Evans
Meeting called to order by Connie Muckelberg

Minutes of the 9/13/2012 meeting read by Sandy Ebben


Becky Corey reported that the balance in the checking account is currently $3175.69.

The May Association meeting is changed to Sunday, May 26, 2012 at 11:00 AM.
The town hall is not available on Saturday because the Flannery Lake Association has already booked it for 9 AM

There a couple of boxes of calendars left over.  We will discount them to $10 including postage to see if we can get rid of them
Nothing to report

Connie Muckelberg reported that the committee is working on getting more lake associations formed for lakes in Newbold Township

The committee will be printing more water ways maps


BANNER AT PUBLIC BOAT LANDINGMary Fortier received a quote for a 4 x 10 banner for $204-$323.  Connie will check with the DNR to see if a banner can be put up

Mary Fortier is working with Chuck Horn at the DNR Boat Safety Program.  The association will be included once an application has been completed. The DNR will supply the loaner life jackets and pay for the materials.  The association will need to supply the labor to construct the rack .

Connie Muckelberg had the board proof read the letter she is going to include with the gift bag that will be given to new owners on the lake.  Mary Fortier suggested we include the contact information for all the directors in the letter.
The management committee has approved Onterra's Implementation Plan.  The plan will  be submitted to the DNR for their approval.  The association needs to submit volunteer hours

Bob Hasal and Becky Corey's terms expire this year.

A motion was made by Sandy Ebben to change all terms for directors to 3 years. Becky Corey seconded the motion, motion carried.  This bylaw change needs to be approved at the May Membership Meeting.  Written notice of this bylaw change will be made in the spring newsletter


NEWSLETTER  Sandy Ebben asked the board members to submit their articles for the newsletter by March 14th.  Newsletter will be sent out in mid April

Connie is interested in increasing membership in the association and will look for someone to chair this committee.

Sandy Ebben will check with Eli Simon to see if he will be available again this spring to work at the boat landing.  The association will need to decide how much money can be used for this project.

Next meeting is March 14, 2013 at Sandy Ebben's home

Meeting Adjourned

Lake Mildred & Clear Lake Property Owners Association
Membership Meeting Minutes
May 28, 2016

Present: Connie  Muckelberg, Sandy & Dave Ebben, Carl & Becky Corey,  Jim Wheaton, Paul & Nancy Evans, Sharon Evans, Jennifer Labs, Carl & Becky Corey, Clyde & Liz Austin, Mike Unverzagt, Germaine Jonesi, Mary Fortier, Gary & Kathy Gall, John Fisher , Sue Tessendorf, Darlene Cole, Stan Strub, Bob Zimny,  Karen and Neal Smout, Jan & Mark Jacobs, Joanne Peterson, Nancy Wilson, Norm Pipping, John Fixmer, Michael & Donna Anderson, Scott Adams, Phil Gannon, Paul & Marla Schaefer, Margaret Johnson, EllieTaege

GUEST SPEAKER: Mark Naiot, Direcector, Wild Instincts Rehabilitation Center


CLEAN BOATS/CLEAN WATER.  Jennifer and Jasmine Labs did a presentation on the boat monitoring program

SUNSHINE COMMITTEE: Connie Muckelberg reported that a sympathy card was sent to the Russ Johnson family.  Welcome bags are available for new owners on the lake

LAKE MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE: Connie Muckelberg has divided the lake into 12 sections  currently has 5 volunteers to monitor sections.  She still needs 7 more volunteers.

TOWN LAKES COMMITTEE: Connie Muckelberg is on the committee and reported that there is a Lakes Festival set for June 16, 2016. She is looking for 2 volunteers from the association to attend

LAKE HISTORIAN: Germain Jonesi was given a map of the lake from 1940 that shows  Lake Mildred and Clear Lake are 238 acres in size combined.  A prior map that was in the history book shows the lake at 552 acres (this map is incorrect) .  A woman from Texas claims Lake Mildred was named after her mother; however an article from 1982 claims Gene Shepard named the lake after his first wife.

WISCONSIN SHORELAND INITIATIVE UPDATE: Paul Evans submitted an article outlining recent legislation that affects shoreland regulations.

KIDS DON'T FLOAT: Mary Fortier thanked Pete Muckelberg for putting up the kiosk for the life jackets  at the boat landing .  The Town of Newbold recently sent a resolution to the state supporting a law that would require children up to 13 years of age to wear life jackets when boating

ISLAND STEWARDS: The DNR assigns one person to volunteer to monitor all the islands on the lake.  Jennifer Labs volunteered to become the island steward for Lake Mildred

ELECTIONS: Paul Evans asked for volunteers for the 3 positions that will be open on the board of directors.  Elections will be at the September meeting.  The board needs a minimum of 5 members and a maximum of 7

TREASURERS REPORT: Jim Wheaton submitted his budget and reported that there are currently 76 members in the association and he had budgeted for 88.  Members receive a sign to put on their fire # post that says they are a member of the lake association.


DRAWING: Kathy Gall won the drawing for an article of clothing

INVENTORY: The clothing, hats, and glasses have been put on sale.  Members can order spirit wear directly from Metro Printing on Lincoln Street

FLOTILA: Sunday, July 3, 2016 at 3 PM at the boat landing

NEXT MEETING: Sunday, September 4, 2014 at 9 AM

Membership Meeting
August 30, 2014
Present: Connie and Pete Muckelberg, Sandy and Dave Ebben, Carl & Beck Corey, Bob Hasal, Mike Petta, Neal Smout, Bob  Schjerven, Nancy Wilson, Paul Evans, Phil Gannon, Jim Wheaton,  Gary and Kathy Gall, Jennifer and Jeff Labs, Terry Wagner, Mary Groat

Meeting called to order by Connie Muckelberg

Becky Corey reported that there is currently $4935.56 in the checking account. We have 55 members, 10 from Clear Lake and 47 from Mildred. Treasurer's report is attached

Sunshine Committee
Becky Corey and Connie Muckelberg received flowers from the association

Association Store:
Becky ordered more hats

Island Stewards Report:
Someone is building a balancing rock on the shore of Pine Island

Dave Ebben has done a complete overhaul of the website. Photos are now separated by year and there is new information on the site

Secchi Readings:
On Lake Mildred Pete Muckelberg took a reading of 22' last week. Dave Ebben had a 33' reading in June.   Bob Hasal had a reading of 18' on Clear Lake in June

Citizen Monitoring :
Dave and Sandy Ebben take water tests, temperatures and secchi readings for the DNR June, July and August. Report attached to agenda

Living on the Lake magazine:
  There will be an article in the next issue about Pete and Connie Muckelberg called "For the Love of Mildred"

Lake Level Monitoring: 
Dave and Sandy Ebben contacted Ann Kretschmann at the Discovery Station in Manitowish Waters about getting a lake level monitor for both Lake Mildred and Clear Lake.  They have run out of funding for this year, but have added us to a list if they get funding for next year.  They would do an elevation survey and install a monitoring station in the water that gets removed in fall.  They would check the water levels in spring and fall

Kids Don't Float:
All the original life jackets have been returned plus another 10 left in the box at the boat landing.

Clean Boats/Clean Water :
Jasmine Labs will take over Eli Simon's job at the boat landing and has completed her training


Elections: Paul Evans, Connie Muckelberg and Jim Wheaton were elected to fill the 3 open positions on the Board of Directors

14 boats participated in the July 5th flotilla

Loon Update:
Neal Smout reported that the loons abandoned their nest.  He thought the fireworks on the lake might have scared them off the nest.  Black flies may have also been the cause or the eagles that built a nest near the island.  Karen Smout will attend a Loon Symposium this fall in Ashland


Loon Watch: A motion was made by Carl Corey and seconded by Kathy Gall to donate $100 to Loon Watch this year and review again next year. Motion carried

Other Donations:
There was a discussion on donating towards the cost of fireworks on the lake. No action was taken.  Terry Wagner volunteered to research the effects of fireworks on the lake and wildlife.

2015 Meeting Dates:
May 23, 2015
                        July 4, 2015 Flotilla
                        September 5, 2015

Future Projects
Carl Corey is working on ways to improve the fishery by installing fish cribs or fish sticks.  He asked for volunteers to work on the project.  Something will be posted on the website

Membership Drive
   The association will send out information on the advantages of being a member of the lake association and what the association has accomplished

Meeting Adjourned

LMPOA General Membership Meeting Minutes
Aug 30, 2013

In attendance: Pete & Connie Muckelberg, Carl & Becky Corey, Neal & Karen Smout, Gary & Kathy Gall, Gary Giorgi, Kathy Helm, Phil Gannon, Stan Strub, Duane Hilgendorf, Mary Fortier, Jeff & Cindy Braun, Darlene Cole, Sue Tessendorf, Jim Wheaton, Chris Sandstrom.

  The secretary's minutes were waived due to illness.
  The treasurer reported that we have a discrepancy in our balance that Becky will work out with RIPCO Credit Union this week. We have approximately $3600.00 in our treasury.
  We have 58 members, 8 of them are from Clear Lake, 50 from Mildred.  Our membership is slightly down from previous years.

  The island stewards had little to report.  All appears to be well.
  Karen Smout handed out her annual loon ranger's report.
  Pete Muckelberg reported that his last Secci clarity reading on Lake Mildred was 19.5 feet. This is typical for this time of year.  Karen Smout had no report.

  Mary Fortier reported that the Kids Don't Float lifejacket loaner program is going along well. Seventeen jackets have been hung to dry.  Mary counts them as she puts them away.  All jackets are accounted for. None have been lost or stolen.  Pete Muckelberg will put the kiosk in his pole barn for the winter in a few weeks from now.  Mary also stated that she has only seen the banner, at the landing, once.  We will remind Eli that it must be put up everytime that he is working. 

  Connie Muckelberg reported that our Lake Management Study is complete.  Gary Giorgi and Gary Gall checked out copies of the final reports to read at home.  There are three more copies of the report as well as two DVDs, if anyone wishes to check them out and return them when done, please call me.

  Connie Muckelberg reported that the Floatilla was a success.
  Election:  No one would accept nomination for the vacant Treasurer's seat on the board of directors.
Becky Corey kindly offered to keep on being the treasurer until someone volunteers to help out.
  Karen Smout asked that a comment made about Clear Lake not being part of LMPOA be added to the agenda as old business.   .

  A diver called Peter Muckelberg to report that a pontoon boat drove over him and his diving flag.  All of the boaters must be more vigilant when on the water.  The diver was not harmed.
  Speed boats need to slow down in both of the narrows of Lake Mildred.
  The meeting dates for 2014 are: May 24, Floatilla - July 5 and August 30.
  Carl Corey said that he would volunteer to look into construction of fish cribs.  Neal Smout said that we are responsible for damage to boats or divers if we place them in the lake.  Carl will contact Mr Jung with the fisheries dept. about this possible project.
  An active discussion was held about increasing our membership.  Some suggestions are:
  • Offer a free Lakes hat to each new membership
  • Mention that we have a door prize drawing at both membership meetings
  • Have a "pot luck" at the Memorial Day meeting
  • Have Eli offer association info along with his AIS information to boaters
  • Have a Photo contest with prizes and display the top three pictures in the news media
  • In 2017 have a big 15 year celebration for the association
  • Place copies of the newsletters at the public landing
  • Send out postcards for every meeting
  • Have a big sign at the public landing two weeks before each meeting
  • Have a speaker at the Memorial Day meeting (fluctuation water levels - the topic)
 The meeting was adjourned at 10:05AM
Respectfully submitted by,
Connie L. Muckelberg
January 19, 2012
Present: Connie Muckelberg, Bob Hasal, Sandy Ebben, Paul Evans (by phone)
Absent: Becky Corey
MINUTES; Minutes of the last directors meeting were read by Sandy Ebben
TREASURE'S REPORT Becky Corey submitted the treasure's report by email.
Balance in the check account is:
$ 23,150.79
WEBSITE Paul and Becky's contact information is missing from the website - will have Dave update.
CALENDARS Sandy Ebben reported that she has received about 30 photos from property owners for the 2012-2013 calendar. Another email will be sent out requesting photos. Deadline for submission of pictures will be the end of February. Sandy will send out all the pictures to the directors and the lake management committee for them to review.
CLUB WEAR More sweatshirts will be ordered. Paul suggested getting a black fleece sweatshirt with half zipper. Clear and Mildred Lakes will both be on the shirt (in white) Connie will check with Metro Printing to see if they can change the template to include both lakes.
STAKEHOLDERS SURVEY Sandy reported that the results of the surveys were entered on a spreadsheet and submitted to Onterra. She will contact Onterra to see if they will supply us with the results in time for the spring newsletter and May meeting.
LAKE MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE PROJECTS. Connie suggested a number of potential projects to the lake management committee, which include: monthly pontoon party, secci disc readings, boat landing maintenance, shoreline litter pickup. Paul suggested with use the results of the stakeholders survey to determine other projects .
WISCONSIN LAKES PARTNERSHIP CONVENTION Connie and Pete will not be able to attend the April convention and will look for a volunteer to attend in their place.
NEWSLETTER Sandy Ebben will have the spring newsletter ready to be mailed in mid May. Connie suggested each board member write an article for the newsletter.
WELCOME PACKET FOR NEW RESIDENTS Connie suggested we put together a welcome packet for newcomers to the lake, which would include a mug and other information about the lake and the association.
LAKE MAP WITH ADDRESSES There was a discussion on publishing a lake map with all the addresses on the lake and including owners names. It was suggested that we ask owners before we print their name on the map
POSTCARD Paul suggested that we put together a better quality postcard to send to owners on the lake regarding the upcoming meeting. The postcard could have a picture of the lake on it and include additional information.
LAST GRANT APPLICATION Connie said the last grant application will cover the grant gap. She will check on due dates and report at next meeting
Next meeting with the February 9, 2012 at 4:30 pm at Sandy Ebben's home at 4349 Cedar Lane

Meeting adjourned at 6 PM

Lake Mildred Property Owners Association
Membership Meeting Minutes
May 29, 2010

Present: Pete & Connie Muckelberg, Kathy & Gary Gall, Sandy Ebben, Neal & Karen Smout,Ellie & Bing Taege, Carl & Becky Corey, Dennis Lynch, Joanne Peterson, Jeffrey Peterson, Bob Hasal, Michael Anderson, Mary Fortier, Elizabeth & Clyde Austin, Phil Gannon, Dennis Kaetterhenry, Earle Wirth, Bev Pede, Russ Johnson, Jim and Margaret Johnson, Jack Madderom, Bob Madderom, Phil Gresen, Joanne Kind, Chris Sandstrom, Jim Wheaton, Paul Evans, Cindy Wargolet.

Meeting called to order by President Kathy Gall at 9:00 AM

Minutes of the September 5, 2009 meeting read by Secretary Sandy Ebben.  Motion to approve by Becky Corey, second by Dennis Lynch.  Motion Carried

Treasurers report by Connie Muckelberg.  Balance in checking is $2504.03


John Merkel was unable to attend the meeting, but reported that he expects to have a webcam in place at his cottage in June.

Bob Hasal was nominated by Connie Muckelberg, second by Carl Corey
Kathy Gall was nominated by Gary Gall, second by Sandy Ebben
Karen Smout was nominated by Connie Muckelberg, second by Kathy Gall

Election for 2 open positions will be at the September meeting

Discussion tabled

Karen Smout reported that the territorial female has nested on Crane Island and the buoys have been installed.  The chick is expected to hatch between June 2nd and 5th.


Connie Muckelberg reported on the lake management proposal from Onterra, LLC.  Of the estimated $29,000 cost, the lake association would be responsible for around $8,000, but would be reimbursed $5,000 from a grant.  Actual out of pocket expenses would be around $3,000.  The balance would be covered by DNR grants.
A motion was made by Jim Wheaton to pass the resolution approving of the management plan and to hire Onterra.  Second by Gary Gall.  Motion carried

A Lake Management Plan Committee was formed.  Connie Muckelberg will chair. Committee members include: Becky Corey, Paul Evans, Bob Hasal, Margaret Johnson, Clyde Austin, Gary Gall, Karen Smout, Dennis Kaetterhenry, Sandy Ebben.

All island stewards reported nothing new on islands.   The island stewards are:
Pine - Karen Smout
Crane - Carl & Becky Corey
Bear Paw - Ellie Taege
Donut - Mark Stokstad

Connie Muckelberg has looked into the cost of printing a Lake Mildred/Clear Lake calendar.  The cost from Office Max is $7.99 each.  Connie proposed selling the calendars for $15.  The funds would be used for the lake management plan.

Motion by Connie Muckelberg to approve the calendar project.  Second by Ellie Taege. Motion Carried.   The lake management plan committee will work on the project

The Flotilla will be on Saturday, July 3rd at 3:00 P.M.  Hors d'oeuvres and cocktails from 4-6 PM at the Ebbens

Meeting adjourned at 10:20 AM

Lake Mildred Property Owners Association
General Membership Meeting Minutes
August 30, 2008

Present: Pete and Connie Muckelberg, Gary and Kathy Gall, John Merkel, Germaine Jonesi, Clyde Austin, Mary Fortier, Dennis Kaetterhenry , Carl Corey, Phil Gannon, Jacob Gannon, Bing and Ellie Taege, Dennis Lynch, Jim Wheaton, Sandy and Dave Ebben, Joanne Kind, Phil Greson

Meeting called to order by Kathy Gall, President

Sandy Ebben read the minutes from the May 28, 2008 meeting.  Minutes approved.

Kathy introduced the new board of directors

Connie Muckelberg reported that the balance in the checking account is $1100.   There are currently 49 members. 


BOOK COVER REPORT: The cover that was submitted anonymously won first place.  Second place was a tie between Connie Muckelberg and Paul Evans.  3rd place was Pete Muckelberg

Lake Mildred History books were printed.  50 have been sold so far.  The cost to members is $20 a book

LOON REPORT   One chick hatched this year and is still with the parents

ISLAND STEWARD REPORT   Carl Corey reported that the loons nested on Crane Island and most people were cooperative in avoiding the nesting area.  Kathy Gall passed out post cards that can be returned to the DNR to sign up as official Island Stewards

WEBSITE   Dave Ebben was given a certificate of appreciation for his work on the website. John Merkel reported that the blog/message board was up and running.


LAKE DEBRIS  A letter was sent to property owners near the location of the lake debris (paddle boat, washer drum and 55 galloon drum) asking that the owner of the debris remove it from the lake or the lake association would have it removed.  Volunteers including John Merkel and Carl Corey will meet at the boat landing today at 1:00 to remove it.  Carl will bring his scuba gear.

CLEAR LAKE   A motion was made and passed to include the property owners on Clear Lake in the Lake Mildred Association.


WAL CONVENTION   A motion was made and passed to appoint Pete and Connie Muckelberg as delegates at the 2009 Wisconsin Lakes Convention

LAKE MILDRED MANAGEMENT PLAN  A committee was formed to look into setting up a long range plan for Invasive Species.  Connie Muckelberg will chair the committee

A motion was made and passed to allocated funds  for John Merkel to  purchase a projector for the association. 

Kathy Gall passed out cards and asked the members to make suggestions for the association.  John Merkel will also add something on the website.

Ellie Taege suggested that everyone invite a neighbor to attend the next meeting

COOL KIDS    The Clean Our Oneida County Lakes Kids were not available for this meeting.  We will try to get them to attend in spring to give a report on the debris they removed from the lake.

Meeting adjourned at 9:40 A.M.