Lake Management Plan
Researched and Writen by Onterra Inc.

This is the page where the Association will try to keep up-to-date news about the Lake Management Plan, for which we have received a $22,000 grant from the Wisconsin DNR.
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Due to the generosity of the residents of Lakes Mildred and Clear, we have raised over $5,500 in donations.
    We previously reached our first goal of $3,700 in matching funds for the study grant alone.
    Our second goal is to cover the grant gap.  This money will be, eventually, returned to us after an additional grant is awarded to us.  We will then have funds to do necessary or enhancement projects on our lakes.  The projects chosen will depend on the results of the lake management study.
    Onterra will begin doing water quality testing in February and April of 2011.
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Donations can be sent to Lake Mildred Property Owners Association
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Connie is President of the Association, as well as the Temporary Treasurer.


LINKS TO THE sections of the draft plan that Onterra Inc has put together concerning the studies that were conducted on Lake Mildred and Clear Lake.  Keep in mind that this is an early draft of the Management Plan and will need review first by the Lake Mildred Planning Committee and later by the WDNR.
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 1.       MildredOneida_Apr12_v1.pdf:  This is the results sections of the management plan we will create together.
2.       MildredOneida_Maps.pdf:  This file contains maps, which are referenced within the results sections.
3.       MildredClear_SHS.pdf:  This file contains the results of the stakeholder survey for both Lake Mildred and Clear Lake combined.
4.       Mildred_SHS.pdf:  Stakeholder survey results for Lake Mildred.
5.       Clear_SHS.pdf:  Stakeholder survey results for Clear Lake.

 submitted by Onterra Inc.  Click HERE (PDF viewer needed)


Hi everyone,
While we do not have a great deal of information to share with your group yet, we would like to provide an update on the Lake Mildred Management Planning Project.  Please keep in mind that the data we've collected over the summer has not yet been analyzed, however, I will do my best here to bring everyone up to speed on what has been done, and what Onterra will be working on in the next few months.
Beginning in late April, Onterra crews visited Lake Mildred on four occasions to collect water quality samples.  While the Secchi disk clarity, dissolved oxygen and temperature information was collected directly in the field, the water chemistry samples were sent to the State Lab of Hygiene in Madison for analysis.  This data has been processed, and we expect it to be available to us shortly.  Todd Hanke from our staff will be visiting Mildred once more, either this week or the following, to collect fall water quality samples.  We will visit the lake again in February of 2012 to collect water quality samples through the ice.
We conducted our aquatic plant surveys as scheduled, first by visiting the lake on June 29th to conduct the curly-leaf pondweed survey.  On July 21st, 3 crews (6 staff members) visited Lake Mildred to conduct the point-intercept survey and map the floating and emergent aquatic plant communities within the lake.  One of these crews began the day by visiting Clear Lake to conduct an AIS survey.  During our field visits we had excellent weather, which is always helpful in these visual-based surveys.  We did not find any exotic species in Lake Mildred or Clear Lake, so that is great news.  We did locate several rare / threatened species within both lakes.  Potamogeton bicupulatus (snail-seed pondweed) and Utricularia resupinata (Northeastern bladderwort) are two species listed as rarely occurring in Wisconsin lakes.  Myriophyllum farwellii (Farwell's Water-milfoil), a native milfoil species, was once listed as rare within the state of Wisconsin but has recently been removed from this list.  Just last week, a crew visited Lake Mildred to conduct a shoreline assessment survey.  During this survey, the shoreline of the lake is examined segments of this area is classified into one of five development categories.  The results of this survey will be useful in identifying areas along the lake that may be prioritized for restoration.
In the coming months, we will be working in the office to analyze the data collected during 2011.  Additionally, we will be looking at the watershed surrounding the lake and using a modeling program to estimate the amount of phosphorus the lake receives on an annual basis.  We will also be working with the WDNR to collect data and report upon the management of the fishery.  And, as you all know, following the return of the stakeholder survey Sandy will enter this data into a MS Excel spreadsheet and Onterra will analyze this information.
So, as far as the project goes we are right on schedule.  We will likely schedule a meeting with the planning committee in late winter / early spring of 2012 to discuss the results of the study and begin the process of goal creation and implementation.
As always, feel free to contact myself, Tim, or anyone else on our staff with any questions you may have.
Enjoy your week,
Dan Cibulka
Aquatic Ecologist
Onterra, LLC
135 South Broadway Suite C
De Pere, WI  54115
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