Attention All Fishermen

Due to past low water levels, lack of adequat spawning habitat, and fishing pressure, the Lake Mildred Association is requesting that all fishermen
adhere to the guidelines listed below. These guidelines
are not enforced by the Wisconsin DNR but as members
of the Association and lake property owners we are very
concerned about the future of fishing and the health of
our beautiful lake. A recent scientific survey of the lake
confirmed that Lake Mildred cannot maintain a strong
fishery without help. The lake does not have enough
natural reproduction to replace the fish that are caught
and not released.

We ask that you help us by following these
guidelines so that everyone can enjoy Lake
Mildred fishing for years to come.

Please release all walleyes, perch, large mouth bass,
northern pike, and muskellunge.

We have had a significant reduction in the numbers
of panfish including bluegills and crappies. Lake
Mildred used to be a good perch lake and they are
now rare. To help bring back the panfish, please
only keep what you need for a meal and do not keep
any panfish over 8 inches.

Lake Mildred does have good small mouth fishing.
But to protect it for the future, we are asking that
you only keep one small mouth per person, as there are very few over 15" in the lake.

Please help us improve the fishing. It will

only get better if all of us do our part. We are asking
everyone to practice catch and release the majority of
the time and enjoy an occasional meal. If we don't limit
what we do, we risk not having fish to catch. Thank you.

Lake Mildred and Clear Lake Association
2005 Copyright Lake Mildred Property Owners Association