Candidates for the Board of Directors
Preserve & Protect Lake Mildred for Future Generations - Prevent Invasive Specioes
Keep Lake Mildred Crystal Clear -- Lake Clarity 5/13/13 = 28 feet

For the September 2016 Election

Here is a short bio of the candidates running for
the open positions on the board

Stan Strub and Mick Howen are running for the 2 positions on the Board of Directors

Stan Strub, Clear Lake
My wife (Teri) and I have owned property on Clear Lake since 1992. Our permanent residence is in Sheboygan County. My passion is the outdoors to include hunting, fishing, shooting sports, golfing, and snowshoeing. I'm on my third year of retirement having spent most of my professional career in the cheese industry. I'm a lifelong conservationist and taught hunter safety for 15+ years. In recent years I've been an active volunteer and board member for the Sheboygan County YMCA Camp and a member/volunteer of the Ruffed Grouse Society.
Mick Howen, Lake Mildred
I (along with my wife, Trish) purchased property on Lake Mildred in August of last year (2015). I have been described as a fanatic or someone with "OCFD" (Obsessive Compulsive Fishing Disorder). My childhood and adult dream of living on a lake came true last year. My family and I have become quite happy with Lake Mildred, which is quite frankly awesome. We love life on Lake Mildred! I am interested in doing what I can to help the association and our neighbors on or near the lake. Most importantly, I am interested in assisting with efforts that will continue to protect and preserve Lake Mildred for us and future generations.
"A lake is the landscape's most beautiful and expressive feature. It is Earth's eye; looking into which the beholder measures the depth of his own nature."      - Walden, Henry David Thoreau
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Here is a short bio of the candidates running for
the open positions on the board

Connie Muckelberg:  We have been coming to Lake Mildred since 1962.  We purchased our property in 1971 and became permanent residents in 2000. I have been on the board for 12 years, since our beginning in 2002. I am co-chair of the Newbold Town Lakes Committee. Also, I  have been the LMPOA representative to the Wisconsin Lakes convention for many informative years. I would like to step down from the position, but would like to remain on the board of directors.

Paul Evans:  Our family finished building our cottage in 1966. Four generations of our family have enjoyed summer trips to Lake Mildred (and the fourth generation is growing in numbers!).  The cottage is not a year round place.  My wife Nancy and I live in Madison.  We all know what a special place Lake Mildred is.  We need to continue to get everyone who has property on both Clear and Mildred to stay involved in the management of the lakes

Jim Wheaton: Jim Wheaton has been a Lake Mildred property owner at Blue Waters Condominium since 1990.  He first became acquainted with Lake Mildred as a guest at Richwalski's Blue Waters Resort in the mid-1970's, and visited several times during the 1980's (staying at friends' condos at Blue Waters) before purchasing his own condo at Blue Waters.  Jim also has a home in the Courthouse District of Rhinelander that he shares with his daughter, son-in-law, and grandchildren.  When he's not working in Chicago (where he has business interests) Jim splits his time between Lake Mildred and his home in Rhinelander.  Jim and his family spend most of their summer at Lake Mildred, as well as many weekends during the rest of the year.  Jim has been a member of the Lake Mildred Property Owners Association for at least 10 years and his willingness to serve on the Lake Mildred Property Owners Association Board is motivated by his interest in keeping Lake Mildred lake free of invasive species and as a viable and healthy lake for the future.

Ellie Taege:  Ellie and her husband Bing are year round residence on Lake Mildred.  Ellie served on the Lake Mildred Management Plan committee

To prevent invasive species, Please clean your boat, trailer, and bilge before moving it between lakes.
"If you were grading on a curve...compared to other lakes in Wisconsin...Lake Mildred is at the top of the gifted and talented list"
-- Tim Hayman, lake scientist, Onterra Inc,

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