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THE BLIZZARD OF 2019 - February 24, to be exact.  This snowstorm topped off the snowiest February on record with 16 inches of snow and winds gusting to 60 MPH.  Snowblowing is Dave Ebben (for perspective, Dave is 6'2" - compare that to the snow in the yard and pile by the driveway!).
HUNGRY DEER - Large numbers of deer roamed the lake recently, at least once being chased by a lone coyote in mid-day.  The deep snow we've had the past month made food scarce for many critters.
NORTHERN FLYING SQUIRREL - Shortly after dark, we are visited by these wondrous little creatures at our suet feeders, all year long.  Our cat will watch them endlessly, totally enthralled, apparently wondering if it's bird or a squirrel.
"A lake is the landscape's most beautiful and expressive feature. It is Earth's eye; looking into which the beholder measures the depth of his own nature."      - Walden, Henry David Thoreau
HUNGRY FISHER - Richard & Susan Nelson spied a fisher in a crabapple tree scrounging for apples, and is seen here both in the tree and on the ground.   One doesn't normally think of fishers as eating apples, but when you're hungry you eat what you have to, to survive!
MAY 7 - THE WATER IS HIGHER - AND WARMING  -  This view of Bearpaw Island shows not only the beauty of Lake Mildred with the ice out, but lake level.  The lake water has now reached 43 degrees near the surface.  The lake level is about 3" higher than last fall, and is now 22.5" above the OHWM!  Nearly 2 feet higher than the OHWM!  (Sandy Ebben photo)
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3 Scarlet Tanagers stopped by the feeder today, joining the Orioles, Goldfinches and Blue Jays for a little rainbow party, overlooking the blue water of Lake Mildred.  (Dave Ebben photo)
THIN ICE - Warmer days (yesterday and today both near 70 degrees) has the ice melting quickly, with a few feet of open water along the North shore.  The rest of the lake is still ice covered, but the ice getting "splotchy" colored and rotten.  A few ducks have even started swimming in the small open-water patches.  This view is Southwesterly with Bear Paw Island on the left.  (Sandy Ebben photo)
To prevent invasive species, Please clean your boat, trailer, and bilge before moving it between lakes.
"If you were grading on a curve...compared to other lakes in Wisconsin...Lake Mildred is at the top of the gifted and talented list"
-- Tim Hayman, lake scientist, Onterra Inc,

These young geese were just hatched a couple days ago, but ma & pa goose have been parading them all over central Lake Mildred.  Showoffs!  (Dave Ebben photo)
These bear cubs are but half of the group, with another cub and their mom just 'bearely' missing their photo opportunity.  These 3 cubs and the sow have been tearing down bird feeders all over the North shore of Lake Mildred.  The sow is easily recognized by having a bad front paw and walks on 3 legs. (Sandy Ebben photo)
JULY 6 - ANNUAL INDEPENDENCE DAY FLOTILLA - A record high number of 25 boats participated in this year's parade around Lake Mildred!  And this year the parade ended at Association President Mick Howen's home where his band played live on the lakeshore as boats gathered 'round.(Richard Nelson & Sandy Ebben photos)
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