2015 Lake Mildred Area Photos
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1/25/15 Fat Tired bike on Lake Mildred today!  This isn't the bike and this photo isn't even Lake Milded, but you get the idea!  Looked like fun!
Unable to wait for ice-out any longer, Sandy Ebben paddled her kayak in the little patch of open water available in front of her Lake Milded home on a sunny day, April 3.
On April 15 - The fast-rising foot of water Lake Mildred received in the past 5 months has taken everyone by surprise.
April 26 - For four days now, Lake Mildred has been the scene of Loon Turf Wars.  Scientist Joel Flory has been on-the-water and believes that a new female is trying to displace the existing female. (photo courtesy of Dr Walter Piper)
On April 12 (ice-out day) 3 Canada Geese were swimming on Lake Mildred and confronted a white cat named Boo.  The face-off ended without incident.
 John & Kristine Mladucky were up last weekend, to spend an AWESOME weekend, fishing, kayaking, and even enjoying cleaning up around the cottage. 
And look at what they sent us - a beautiful picture of water in the channel now joining Lake Mildred and Clear Lake - once again!

"A lake is the landscape's most beautiful and expressive feature. It is Earth's eye; looking into which the beholder measures the depth of his own nature."      - Walden, Henry David Thoreau
MAY 20 - A DNR crew re-installed the dock at the State boat landing today - ready for another season. (click to enlarge)
 APRIL 30 - BEARS ON THE LOOSE!  Watch those bird feeders - at least one medium sized black bear is making the rounds of Lake Mildred homes.  Yesterday he decided to check out the Ebben place.

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MAY 25 - DRAGONFLY HATCH - Kathryn Tuerk was visiting the Merkels this weekend, and took this great series of photos of a dragonfly nymph hatching .   (click to enlarge)
To prevent invasive species, Please clean your boat, trailer, and bilge before moving it between lakes.
"If you were grading on a curve...compared to other lakes in Wisconsin...Lake Mildred is at the top of the gifted and talented list"
-- Tim Hayman, lake scientist, Onterra Inc,

JUNE 2 -  FAWNS ARE TOO CUTE!  -  Lake Mildred's whitetails are having their fawns, and this one had lain down in the road ditch today as I road the bike down Cedar Lane. (Dave Ebben photo)
MAY 23 -  - Dave & Sandy Ebben monitor Lake Mildred water chemistry and details for the DNR, and are shown here (l to r) Secchi Disc water clarity (31' today!) and temperatures at various levels, and taking a water sample for further testing at home and at the DNR(click to enlarge)
JUNE 1 -  SWIMMING BEAR  - Nancy Wilson says: "This big bruin calmly padded his way past my kitchen window to the shoreline at about 8 pm, and then swam to the far sore in only 5 minutes!  This pic was taken from Nancy's shoreline as the bear waded into the lake.   (Nancy Wilson photo)
LAKE MILDRED SUNSET  -  When life throws you a curve, just ponder this scene, and relax.   (Jasmine Labs photo)
SNEAKY  -  This doe thought she was being soooo sneaky, creeping between the Ebben home and shore.   (Dave Ebben photo)
LOONS HATCH 7-3-15!  -  2 newly hatched loon chicks try swimming a little.  The chicks apparently hatched either last night, or this morning.  It's especially great to see that the eggs hatched before the big July 4 holiday   !(Aaron Jenkins photo)
LOON ON NEST  -  One of our loons (both the female and the male share incubating responsibilities) sits on it's nest on 6-14-15.  Hatching should hopefully occur during the first week of July.  
(Karen Smout photo)
HITCHHIKING LOON CHICKS  - 7/5/15 - The recently hatch pair of loon chicks rest on mom's back after swimming quite a long way in mid-lake and braving many boat wakes.   (Dave Ebben photo)
Floatilla - July 4, 2015
4th of July Floatilla 2015  -  Record- Breaking  Number of Boats -- Great weather made for an enjoyable and busy weekend on Lake Mildred, the Annual 4th of July Floatilla was no exception.  Association President Paul Evans' group counted 23 boats plus 2 tubes in this parade, trouncing last year's count of 15 boats.  And one fellow certainly deserved mention for "most unusual" as he cruised along on his lawn chair while sitting on top of the stand-up paddleboard!
(Sandy Ebben photos)
Mary Fortier sent us this pic, saying: "During the 4th parade my grandson provided some entertainment while being towed around the lake.  We did have him wear a life jacket before entering the parade. He is Bryce Botsford from Rancho Cordova, CA."
(Mary Fortier photo)
DOE & 2 FAWNS SWIM ACROSS LAKE -  .On July 15 Nancy Wilson wrote: "I watched a doe lead her two fawns swimming across the lake, at the narrow area west of Bearpaw Island.  One fawn stayed close to the doe, while the second fawn was a long way behind.  I was fearful that a boat would come through that area but luckily that did not happen.  All three deer eventually got to the far shore and disappeared into the woods.  I think they would be hard to see from a boat unless someone was watching closely, and i am pretty sure that they would be unable to get out of the way."  (Nancy Wilson photo)
BEATING THE 88 DEGREE HEAT, SWIMMING AT BEARPAW ISLAND  -  A family paddled 4 kayaks over to Bearpaw Island and went swimming.
At the Kids Don't Float station at the Lake Mildred boat landing, here are Jackson Labs and Jasmine Labs who was our Clean Boats/Clean Landing Intern.
We started the season with nine jackets in the structure and ended the season with the nine.  This year no one left any other jackets as they did last year.
KIDS DON'T FLOAT!  Lake Mildred's new "Kids Don't Float" free-to-borrow life jacket dispensary is in its second year and being put to good use!  Pictured are:  Carl Corey, Pete Muckelberg, Becky Corey, Connie Muckelberg, Jackson Labs, Jennifer Labs, Jasmine Labs, & Jeff Labs.
SEPTEMBER 7 - HALLELUJAH!  NEW VERIZON CELL-TOWER ERECTED NEAR LAKE MILDRED!   Great news for Lake Mildred and the surrounding area.  This new tower is only about 3/4 mile from Lake Mildred - so cell reception should be excellent!  Here is photo of the new tower, taken today.  It is on the East side of Sheep Ranch Road (Fire #4206).  The warning light is blinking on the tip-top, but the cell antennas have not yet been installed.  But it shouldn't be long until it is operational.  Meanwhile, if you're a "non-Verizon" customer, you may want to check when your contract expires so you can switch to Verizon!  >g<

 SUNRISE - John Merkel, a true "early riser", sends us this picture of a beautiful sunrise over Lake Mildred.

 SEPTEMBER 11 - YIKES! HUGE HORNETS NEST - Nancy Wilson sent us this picture of a huge hornet's nest that was built under a bench on a dock.
On the evening of Sunday September 27, 2015, there will be a "Supermoon", larger and brighter than normal PLUS there will be a total eclipse of that moon starting here about 8:07 PM.  See the details and link in the short story below.

  COMMON MERGANSERS -  These 'fish-eating birds' have a diet similar to loons, but they hunt in highly organized packs and are suspected by some to be a big reason our bluegill population was thin for a few years.  They were recently seen sitting (er, pooping) on one of the swimrafts remaining in the lake. (Sandy Ebben photo)
 SEPTEMBER 30 - COLD MISTY MORNINGS - You can literally see the lakes' warmth flying away on a cold & foggy fall morning. (Sandy Ebben photo)
  OCTOBER 30 - GIANT MUSKY CAUGHT!  A.J. Ryczek (grandson of Mary Fay, who has a place in a bay on Lake Mildred) writes: "I was up at the lake with a few buddies of mine a little more than a month ago to go fishing for a weekend. We were strictly fishing top water and
my friend Tom Paul was able to bring this bad boy in. I know there's more in the lake I've - seen more than 10 this year! The measurement was 47 inches 28 pounds!"

DECEMBER 19 - SUPER-COOLED LAKE WATER! We can't recall ever seeing this before, but after 3 windy and cold days (right now the air temp is 7 degrees with a strong NW wind) the lake is still mostly open water SUPER-COOLED!  ("Super-cooled" water means water below 32 degrees but still in liquid state)   We just checked the lake temperature at 12" below the surface it measures at 31 degrees!  Presumably, if the wind stopped churning the surface of the lake, for even just a minute, the lake would immediately freeze over.  Definitely not something you see every day!  (Dave Ebben photo)

 DECEMBER 20 - ICE-UP - The latest ice-up we've recorded in the past 38 years that we've been watching.  And as the one photo shows, the ice (about 1/2" thick) is literally "as clear as glass", easily showing the oak leaves laying on the sandy lake bottom. (Dave Ebben photos)
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