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~ Lake Plan Page - Here you can find the Management Plan, Lake Maps, Management Appendix (NOTE -these are all the final documents, and are newer versions than found here previously)

2014 Photos
We're sorry that most of these do not have captions, but at the time these photos were used on the website (usually on the 'front page') the captions were there - and are now lost.
But they are still very nice photos and worthy of publishing, we think.
> CLICK a photo to see it full size <
- NEWEST PHOTOS APPEAR at bottom of page
4/30/14 First Loon Appears
5/5/14 Pair of Eagles on Donut Island
5/2/14 Close to Ice-out
Closer to Ice-out
3/28/14 Lake Mildred
It's Snowing!
4/17/14 Foot of Snow - Yuck!
Lake Mildred Panorama
Largemouth Bass
5/15/14 The Loons are Back
1/18/14 Winter
"A lake is the landscape's most beautiful and expressive feature. It is Earth's eye; looking into which the beholder measures the depth of his own nature."      - Walden, Henry David Thoreau
Foster's Lake Mildred Resort
It's Turtle Time as Snapping Turtles lay their eggs on 6-10-14

By March 2014 EVERYONE is sick of winter
The Wet Spring of 2014 Brought a Huge Mosquito Hatch...
If you would like to join our email list to receive info about Lake Mildred, newsletters and the like, just let us know by sending an email to Sandy Ebben (click here)
....and that Huge Hatch of Mosquitoes brought Great Love for their predator, the dragonfly.
To prevent invasive species, Please clean your boat, trailer, and bilge before moving it between lakes.
A Very Young Fawn "Hides" on 6-10-14

New Eagle's Nest Appears May '14
2 Day Old ducklngs on 6-8-14
"If you were grading on a curve...compared to other lakes in Wisconsin...Lake Mildred is at the top of the gifted and talented list"
-- Tim Hayman, lake scientist, Onterra Inc,

Fishermen Ply Lake Mildred on 7/3/14
Fabulous Fireworks on Lake Mildred 7/4/14
2014 Boom Lake Log Jam
Lauren Merkel shot the July 5 Storm hovers over Lake Mildred
Mary Fortier's Granddaughter shot the July 5 Storm over Lake Mildred
The July 5 Storm over Lake Mildred
July 19 - This lily is in full bloom around Lake Mildred right now - like so many summer flowers.
July 2014 - Floatilla - An Annual July Event
9-2-14 Eli Simon & Jasmine Labs have been hired by LMPOA as Lake Mildred Clean Boats/Clean Waters Boat Inspectors
9-28-14 Bobby Draeger (son of Bonnie & Steve Draeger) heard this moose walking thru the woods near the West side of their house and cross Lake Mildred in just 3-4 minutes.
John Merkel took this stunning photo of Lake Mildred at sunrise Oct. 1.  Such are the sights that early-risers witness!
August 18 - Kristin Cedars sent us this fabulous photo of Lake Mildred.
Nancy Wilson shared these lovely photos from Lake Mildred with us.
Copyright 2014 David Ebben