2010 Photos
September 4 - Our own Loon Ranger Karen Smout sent us this beautiful "non-loony" picture of a group of Common Mergansers.
JAN JACOBS SAYS:  I was out it the boat with Mark while he was fishing. Up on the shore we saw a heron walking along the edge of the water looking for fish. Finally he caught a big bass and pulled it up on the beach. For ten minutes or so, the heron repeatedly stabbed the bass with his sharp bill. Then he carried the fish to the shallow water where it appeared he was washing it off. After that the heron leaned over the fish, opened his beak wide and proceeded to swallow the fish head first. It took several minutes for the heron to completely swallow the hapless bass. It was quite amazing to watch the entire sequence.
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From summer 2010.

October 8 2010 - Misty morning fog on Lake Mildred and Golden Fall Colors
(Sandy Ebben photos).

June 22 2010- BEAR SIGHTING - Bonnie Draeger "ran into" this bear while out for a walk, and quickly turned around!
Nov. 6 2010 - CANADA HONKERS - Bing Taege sends this photo of honkers on the point near his home.
July 25 2010- LAKE MILDRED LOON - with its bright red eye.  (photo by Phanna Chou)
July 25 2010 - A KAYAK'S EYE VIEW - Sandy Ebben kayaks Lake Mildred.
Above: hornets nest at Lake Mildred Road & Coon Lake Road intersection.

At Right: Chicken In the Woods on tree on Lake Mildred Road near boat landing.
(Photos courtesy of Germaine Jonesi 9/2/06)
View from the Merkels'
The Merkel gang "tubing"
>>> FEBRUARY 24 2012 - UPDATE - Jim Harter wanted to share a story on how the little Lake Mildred pond hockey weekends involving himself and close friends for the past three years has grown, almost out of control (according to their wives).
This is a bunch of friends who have skated old-timers hockey, for some of us, as long as thirty years. We tried getting into the National Pond Hockey Championships in Eagle River without succeeding so we decided to have our own pond hockey weekend at my house on Lake Mildred. It started with seven guys and a snowblower, now we've grown to 12, two snow throwers and a snow blower, plus a half barrel this year instead of 12-packs…..better for the environment.   ANDThis year they kicked it up with custom jerseys and their own design of a Lake Mildred logo.
For the logo, they started by downloading a DNR image of Lake Mildred, added the puck breaking through the ice, and gave it a special touch with the hockey stick and beer mug to create the L & M for Lake Mildred. No silk screening here, these are babies are sewn on.  (SEE THE JERSEY LOGO AND THE TEAM IN THE  2 PHOTOS AT RIGHT)
  Jim says: "We now jokingly view ourselves as celebrities with our recent cover picture on the hockey newspaper, Illinois Ice. The newspaper wanted to run an article on why people love pond hockey and one of our group forwarded our Lake Mildred team picture from last year. They liked it so much they put us on the cover, and inside next to a picture of some young kids playing on a pond. We like to think of that picture as there still is a little kid in all of us. Our wives just think we're nuts !"

February 22, 2012 - The Jersey Crest and Logo for the Lake Mildred Hockey Invitational

February 22, 2012 - The Lake Mildred Hockey Invitational Official Team

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