Misc. Photos
This group of photos goes back to various times randomly.
Here are some photos from Dale Nielsen - who says:
"My late Uncle Max ( Collins ) would call these pictures a Lake Mildred "Earth Turn" - Pics taken in August 05'"My daughter Erica entered an on-line photo contest this winter and is going to be published in a book.

Here are 3 photos of Lake Mildred's loons that were submitted by our very own Loon Ranger - Karen Smout
Lake Mildred's new boat landing sign on August 2005.  Great craftsmanship by Neal Smout.  Thanks Neal!!!
If you think the water is low now, look at how low it was in 1989.  This rock "island" is normally underwater, and is located near the Jonesi residence.  These two photos are courtesy of Germaine Jonesi.
The tree jump on Donut Island saw a steady stream of visitors this Memorial Day weekend.
The spring thaw begins - 3/31/06
We suspect Mark Stokstad of leading this not-so-secret kayak invasion
In the cove near Estabrook's cabin...
taken by John Merkel in August 05
Here is Lake Mildred with new ice, from the Ebben's place on November 25, 2005.
Winter Sunrise
Sailing Away
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